Yee Kok Siong is a Bachelor in Business Administration from Business Institute of Pennsylvania (2009 – 2012). A self-motivated entrepreneur who believes that no market is perfect and it is up-to an individual to understand that imperfect gap and business opportunity and make the most out of it.

During his bachelor studies, Forex market and arbitrage opportunity among two or more different market with almost negligible risk of the investment involved, made him his own boss. Excited about the opportunities available, made him do extensive research on various forex markets, understand general market trend, currency pair movement, gaps that exist under ideal situation against imperfect market conditions etc. No sooner that he completed his Bachelor’s degree the stage was all set for him to rock the floor with all the ideas booming in his mind all along. The real trading experience although exciting but was somewhat different from the idealistic scenario which he developed all along. But as the saying goes “where there is will there is way”, he managed to overcome initial hiccups and then the destiny was all set to roll. Started with initial investment of $50K and currently managing portfolio of around $5m. After initial success friends, business acquaintances and family members all clubbed in their funds in small proportion which helped him to be what he is today.

Mid of 2014 it’s the crypto market and block chain technology which gain his attraction again. After doing a fair amount of research, understanding the crypto world and technology behind it, it was very clear that a bomb is in the making and he should be the one riding the wave rather than sitting on the shore. A very new technology with almost 99.6% of World’s population ignorant or out of reach made him realize the kind of potential and opportunity this market holds and return that is available for the investors and trader.

An unregulated market with no clear directions from the government and classy technology which no one in the world can resist. With small investment and research along different exchanges there comes again the arbitrage opportunity with big margins i.e. no investment risk and abundant returns.

So, this is Yee Kok Siong, an arbitrageur and an investor and in the eyes of banker an HNI. But this does not stop him from exploring other opportunities that is available in this imperfect market and to him the world is still full of opportunities and to be more specific business opportunities.